Where Streeterville Meets Gold Coast

Situated along the shore of Lake Michigan, parallel to Michigan Avenue, this iconic residence enjoys a central location nestled between Chicago’s prestigious Gold Coast and Streeterville neighborhoods.

Gold Coast

One of the city's most prestigious and sought-after residential areas, Gold Coast offers world-class dining and upscale shopping converge. From Michelin-starred restaurants to renowned designer boutiques along the Magnificent Mile, this neighborhood welcomes you to indulge in a lifestyle of unparalleled elegance.


Streeterville, a vibrant gem in the heart of Chicago, offers a perfect blend of urban excitement and lakefront serenity. Home to iconic attractions like Navy Pier, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the towering John Hancock Center, this lively neighborhood is a hub of culture and entertainment. Stroll along the scenic Lake Michigan shoreline, indulge in world-class shopping on the Magnificent Mile, or savor diverse culinary delights. With its unique charm and dynamic atmosphere, Streeterville captures the essence of the Windy City, making it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Chicago.

Navy Pier

This Chicago icon located along Lake Michigan's shores is a captivating destination for locals and tourists alike. The historic pier offers a world of entertainment, including rides, attractions, restaurants, and cultural events.

Chicago's Lakefront Trail

Spanning 18 miles along Lake Michigan's shores, this trail is perfect for jogging, biking, or leisurely walks, soaking in stunning lakefront views and iconic landmarks like Navy Pier.

Neighborhood Attractions